Monday, March 29, 2010

Sindhi Topi
m saleh
The campaign has been launched to repel propaganda by the Sindhi-phobic Urdu media after an anchor on a private TV channel criticised the Sindhi cap.
First ever Sindhi topi day planned on 6th Dec 2009.
Wake up Call
The call is believed to have been triggered as a reaction to the critical comments made by a private TV channel one of whose anchors passed some criticizing remarks on President Zardari who was wearing the Sindhi Topi while he was on foreign trips. Whatever the cause, but the call for celebrating Sindhi Topi Day is a fresh example of people’s enthusiasm .
Let's Join Hands Together
December 06, 2009, will be the first day in Pakistan’s history when Sindhi people will celebrate a unique cultural event – the ‘Sindhi Topi’ (Sindhi Cap) Day. Traditional Sindhi caps have started selling like hot cakes in Sindh and many a marketplace have already run short of the cap due to a rush of customers.
The distinctive Sindhi cap is part of traditional Sindhi getup and a symbol of Sindhi identity. The call for celebrating the first-ever Sindhi Topi Day also seems to have come out of the spirit of nationalism. The call for the Sindhi Topi Day has come directly from the public in Sindh, starting with cell phone sms messages that were passed from person to person and groups of contacts all around the province.
Sindhi topi and ajrak have been symbols of the Sindhi culture and civilisation for thousands of years and all the people of Sindh have an emotional attachment with these cultural symbols
The Sindhi culture is based on the centuries old Indus Valley Civilisation and his government would ensure this culture continues to thrive in the province..

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